Foreign singer performing in Japan


When a foreign singer will perform in Japan, the first important factor to consider is where the concerts will be held. This is important because singers who will perform at establishments with a capacity of over 100 spectators that do not serve food or drink fall under category 2, a relatively broad visa category. The type of contract is also important because it helps determine the type of company that can serve as the Japan-based agent for the singer’s application for the Certificate of Eligibility. Once we have confirmed these details, we begin preparing the applicant’s file. At this stage, reconfirmation of visa category is essential to ensure that

all activities conform to the category. Failure to do this first could result in rejection of the visa application.

Outline of steps for engaging in performing arts in Japan

Determine details of performances in Japan (venues, dates, etc.)

Submit documents to the Immigration Bureau and apply for the Certificate of Eligibility When necessary, advance negotiations are held with Immigration.

Receipt of the Certificate of Eligibility from Immigration

Certificate of Eligibility is forwarded to the singer outside of Japan

Visa application and issuance at a Japanese embassy or consulate outside Japan

Entry into Japan with the Certificate of Eligibility and visa*
Re-entry permits can be obtained when necessary


Return to home country

Staff accompanying the foreign singer

Those accompanying the foreign singer on the visit to Japan and involved in activities considered inseparable from the singer’s performance activities – manager, stylist, hair and makeup artists, etc. – must obtain an Entertainment visa.