Preparing minutes and other documents

Office COSMOPOLITAN’s document preparation services provide the meeting minutes needed for changes in your company’s executives, trade name, business activities or executive pay, as well as other business records needed for relevant changes to the articles of incorporation.

If you want to make changes to your company and any of the concerns below sound familiar, Office COSMOPOLITAN can help.

  • I need to make changes to the company, but I don’t know what documentation or procedures are required.
  • I don’t know what paperwork is required for an executive who is a foreign national.
  • I’d like to take care of various changes all at once.

Office COSMOPOLITAN can provide you with solutions for these types of concerns.

When we handle these kinds of changes, we give careful consideration to all aspects of your business, including work visas, social insurance and labor insurance filings and applications, personnel management and tax issues.


  • ♦ Office COSMOPOLITAN has years of experience, the necessary know-how and a proven track record in assisting foreign companies and individuals with changes and their required documentation.
  • ♦ We listen carefully to your needs in order to prepare your articles of incorporation, shareholder and board of director meeting minutes and other documents.
  • ♦ We are able to provide you with all the corporate consulting services you need, including social insurance and labor insurance filings and human resource management services, as well as tax consultation services through partnerships with numerous tax professionals.