Working status (visas) in Japan

Office Cosmopolitan handles Immigration procedures on behalf of foreigners. Please consult us any kinds of working status (visas) matter. Please see view articles below, written by Office Cosmopolitan regarding visas in Japan. Now, let’s move on to specific working status (visas) in Japan! Working status (visas) are divided into several classes according to the type of business. In order to obtain the following working status (visas), applicants are required to fulfill, and to be determined by the Immigration Bureau to fulfill, the criteria established for applicable qualifications.

Please see the following detailed explanations of typical working status (visas)

Brief explanation of other working statuses (visas) ・Professor ・Artist ・Religious Activities  ・Journalist ・Legal/Accounting Services ・Medical Services  ・Researcher  ・Instructor ・Entertainer ・Skilled Labor

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  • Professor—Activities for research, research guidance, or education as professor, assistant professor, or assistant, etc. at universities, equivalent educational institutions, or technical colleges
  • Artist—Activities for the arts that provide income, including those carried out by composers, songwriters, artists, sculptors, craftspeople, photographers, etc.
  • Religious Activities—Missionary and other religious activities conducted by members of foreign religious organizations.
  • Journalist—News coverage and other journalistic activities conducted on the basis of a contract with a foreign journalistic organization, such as a foreign newspaper company, news agency, broadcasting station, documentary movie company, etc. (Specifically, activities carried out by newspaper journalists, magazine journalists, report writers, editorial chiefs, editors, media photographers, television and radio announcers, etc., including freelancers.)
  • Legal/Accounting Services—Activities to engage in legal or accounting business. Applicants must be attorneys or public accountants certified to perform their duties in Japan, or those with other legal qualifications recognized by Japan.
  • Medical Services—Activities to engage in medical treatment service. Applicants must be physicians, dentists, or those with other medical qualifications, and must be qualified under Japanese law and fulfill certain conditions concerning work status, etc.
  • Researcher—Activities to engage in examinations, surveys, research, etc. on the basis of a contract with a public or private organization in Japan. Applicants must fulfill certain conditions concerning personal history and work status.
  • Instructor—Activities to engage in language instruction and other education at elementary schools, junior high schools, senior high schools, schools for the blind, handicapped children’s schools, miscellaneous schools (kakushu gakko and senshu gakko), or other educational institutions equivalent to kakushu gakko in facilities and curriculum.
  • Entertainer—Activities to engage in theatrical performances, arts, song, dance, musical performances, sports, or any other show business. Applicants must fulfill certain conditions concerning personal history, work status, and form of entertainment. Activities such as the production of television programs or movies, the photographing of models, etc. Applicants must fulfill certain conditions concerning work status.
  • Skilled Labor—Activities to engage in service that requires industrial techniques or skills belonging to special fields on the basis of a contract with a public or private organization in Japan. Applicants must fulfill certain conditions concerning personal history and work status.(ex. Foreign cuisine cook, Sports instructor)