Smooth acquisition of the Certificate of Eligibility

  1. Office Cosmopolitan applies for the Certificate of Eligibility smoothly with the correct knowledge and understanding of what documents are required (including the question of original or photocopies) and what is the point (criteria) of examination, and Office Cosmopolitan also handle subtle problems of each applications, such as whether a translation is required or not. This enables speedy work (for example, this office skips documents as much as possible) prior to application, and it also makes possible to prevent unnecessary delay because of additional request for submission of documents by The Immigration Bureau until your application is granted. Also, Office Cosmopolitan negotiates with The Immigration Bureau in order to obtain information necessary for smooth procedure in advance when your case is specially complicated.
  2. If a client has already entered into Japan with temporary visitor status when he/she receives the Certificate of Eligibility, Office Cosmopolitan applies for change of status.
  3. For the new arrival, Office Cosmopolitan takes into consideration the date of entry into Japan and the starting date of work in Japan, and advises on smooth entry into Japan and obtaining the Certificate of Eligibility and visa. Office Cosmopolitan also prepares documents and does petition smoothly.