Support services for foreign companies doing business in Japan

Office Cosmopolitan supports foreign companies and foreigners who are establishing a business presence in Japan. We provide assistance in setting up enterprises for foreign companies and foreigners who plan to begin doing business in the Japanese market.

Our office can handle certain services on your behalf, and can also provide you with introductions to business partners. For more details, please see below.

Services handled by Office Cosmopolitan

We conduct the procedures for incorporation in Japan.
Japanese corporation, Branch office, Minutes preparation
Obtaining resident status (visa):
We conduct the procedures for obtaining the proper work status (visa) in the case of
a foreigner working in Japan.
Business licenses acquisition
We conduct the procedures for necessary business licenses acquisition such as
human resources dispatch license, alcoholic beverage import license, travel agency registration, foreign lawyer registration, etc.
Support for bank account establishment:
We provide support for establishing bank accounts (corporate or individual) in Japan.

Business partner introductions

  • Accounting services:
    We introduce firms that provide accounting services and tax return services after
    company establishment.
  • Trademark registration:
    We introduce firms that conduct trademark registration.