Business license Acquisition

You need business licenses and/or registrations for some particular businesses.

For example:

In the case of IT engineer dispatch
Human resources dispatch license
In the case of alcoholic beverage import and wholesale
Imported alcoholic beverage wholesale license.
In the case of travel agency
Travel agency registration
In the case of foreign lawyers engages in the legal business in accordance with foreign laws in Japan
Approval of minister of justice as a foreign lawyer and registration.

We conduct the business license acquisition procedures which are necessary for your business in Japan.


  • We have a wealth of experience assisting foreign companies and individuals with setting up companies in Japan, and we are able to work with you from the start to help you obtain all the permits that you need with our one-stop service.
  • Required capital and other factors depend on the types of permits or registration you choose. We can set up your company on your behalf as we take all of these factors into consideration.
  • We are able to provide you with all the corporate consulting services you need, including social insurance and labor insurance filings and personnel management services, as well as tax consultation services through partnerships with numerous tax professionals.